“Little Lambs”

The Langdon family history is revealed.  A penitent ghost makes Ben an offer he cannot refuse. 


“Oh Henry!” 

Larry examines ‘what’s in a name’ of a beloved candy bar, et al., as he atones for the string of unfortunate circumstances his personal problem creates for his manager, Jeff. 


“The Watermelon Whisperer”

A German dog, employing a begging hierarchy and a penchant for Jewish deli fare, adopts the Davids while the gang adopts a host of ethnic and racial stereotypes and Cheryl discovers a new skill at the local produce market. 

“The Shindig’s Over” 

Nancy struggles to protect her family from the consequences of her actions while Andy and Audra break their engagement to Gayle, and Doug and Dean aim to tempt Silas with a daring new business venture. 


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