How to Survive Hurricane Irene Survival

The key to surviving a New England weather “situation” and avoiding frustration at the market is to beat the system by counteracting the effects of freakishly over-zealous consumers. While most are buying up batteries & H2O as if it were Doomsday, try to remember we’re only squirreling away for a few days (a week, tops), not an eternity. Most people have enough batteries in their nine different remotes to get them through Doomsday, anyway.  This is America.  If you don’t have at least four television sets, you just ain’t livin’.  Therefore, I urge you to take this opportunity to stock up, now, on what’s really important. Like Ben & Jerry’s and potato chips. I recommend Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack, Boston Cream Pie & Red Velvet Cake…and Cape Cod or Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chips.  One of each ought to do it.  You might even want to pick up some baked cheese puffs/balls. The stores still have plenty of these wildly important and yet consistently overlooked items. I’d rather have to dig my way out of Shawshank with a spoon than be holed up for any length of time without one of these things when a craving hits. It may never hit.  The same goes for Irene, but better safe than sorry.


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