France to Tunisians, “Sorry, you do have to live like a refugee.”

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“Not in our backyard.  Get out you…you, you hamp-stair!”

On September 12, 2011 Stephen Beard reported on the Tunisian refugees in France for Marketplace on NPR.  You might say it’s easy to make fun of the French.  Well, this was even easier.  Please take a moment to listen to the following snippet regarding “How immigration is like mayonnaise” (21:33).  Go ahead.  I’ll wait here, snickering to myself.

Yes, actually.  Immigration is just like mayonnaise, in the way that consumption past the expiration date can lead to dire consequences.  Tunisian refugees have reached their expiration date and they must get out of France now.  Says the French government, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.  If we wanted your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, we’d have kept the stinking statue.”

Pot:  Kettle, you’re black!  For those keeping score, she’s French too.  Canadian, yes, but still.  It counts.  I checked.

Beware of French bearing gifts…

Me thinks the French are behaving a bit like the sibling who shirks responsibility for the aging parent, running off to Monaco with Guillermo, counting on the more responsible, younger sister country to pick up the slack.  “But you like taking care of poor people.  You’re good at it!”  Suuuure we are.

Best advice for the refugees?  Grab some pommes frites with your 300 euros and thumb-it to Spain.

When the French were contacted for comment (no, not really), someone who sounded very much like John Cleese, doing a French accent replied, “We already have a grail, you sons of a silly person!  Beat it, Tunisian pig-dogs!” 

Honk if you like pommes frites!

Link to the full article with access to the podcast.


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