5 Ways to Better Spend Your Pre-Storm Energy & Save Money Preparing for Frankenstorm

Tip #1:  Don’t freak!

My kind of storm!

Fill up your gas tank?  Sure, you can charge your cell in your car if the outage lasts.  Buy batteries?  If you don’t already have them in your flashlights or in junk drawers, maybe pick up a pack.  Matches & Lighters?  Sure.

Tip #2:  Avoid mobbed stores! 

Yes!  Go through your freezer!  If you have an electric stove you should be preparing frozen meats now.  Make a giant meatloaf with ground meats & vegetables.  It will make for fine leftovers with or without power (hot & cold).  You save now by not going into crazy New Englander/squirrel mode and in the case of a prolonged outage, you’ll have less waste and/or clean up.

Tip #3:  Boil eggs!

Hard boiled are better than rotten. If you don’t have a gas range, boil ’em now! They’ll keep in the fridge or on ice if the power fails.

Tip #4:  Make your own ice! 

In this case, we had plenty of warning.  Make ice ahead of time and reserve in your freezer until a power failure.  Be sure to have your cooler on standby.

Tip #5:  Take a caffeine break! 

Make coffee now!  If you depend on electricity to even boil water (as do I), make plenty of extra coffee while you still can!  Then, if you do lose power, you can lie back and relax.  As always, enjoy the storm!


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